LED cosmetic Mirror | LS31BM

Color temperature(table lamp): 3000K

Color temperature(mirror light): 6000K

Working Voltage: DC5V1A 

Battery capacity(charge): 1000mAh

Rate power (table lamp): 6W MAX (36*0.2W / LED)

Rate power (mirror light): 6W MAX (30*0.2W / LED)

Color rendering index (table lamp): >80

Color rendering index  (mirror light): >90

Color Selection: White / Pink

Battery Selection: No battery / with battery

Table light

  1. Intelligent switch design for lamp. Touch to turn on or off, long touch to adjust lightness

2. There is a one 0.8 seconds delay when switch on/off the light to increase the protection of the eye.

3. Make-up mirror color temperature 6000K, it's RA is higher than 90, make-up when lights is more real and natural; table lamp color temperature    4000k, soft and warm and more comfortable.

4. Lamp holder with roating design, according to the need to adjust to the appropriate angle