LED cosmetic Mirror | LS31AM (Clock version)

Color temperature(table lamp): 3000K

Color temperature(mirror light): 6000K

Working Voltage: DC5V1A 

Battery capacity(charge): 1000mAh

Rate power (table lamp): 6W MAX (36*0.2W / LED)

Rate power (mirror light): 6W MAX (30*0.2W / LED)

Color rendering index (table lamp): >80

Color rendering index  (mirror light): >90

Color Selection: White / Pink

Battery Selection: No battery / with battery

Table light

  1. Intelligent switch design for lamp. Touch to turn on or off, long touch to adjust lightness

2. There is a one 0.8 seconds delay when switch on/off the light to increase the protection of the eye.

3. Make-up mirror color temperature 6000K, it's RA is higher than 90, make-up when lights is more real and natural; table lamp color temperature    4000k, soft and warm and more comfortable.

4. Lamp holder with roating design, according to the need to adjust to the appropriate angle

5. LED Screen can show week, temperature, year or time, date