Galaxy Eclipse | LSGA618AP-BS

Power: 18w

Input Voltage: 85-265Vac

Lumen: Dimming (0lm-1700lm)

Dimension: Φ450mm

Materical: Iron

Color Temperature: Dimming (3000k-6000k)

Color: White

Warranty: 5 years

Smart Way: Dimmer switch isno needed.

Option: Normal dimming/Bluetooth smart

The Working Diagram:

Smart Light

Like his name, Galaxy eclipse has a special lighting effect, which is similar to the eclipse of the sun. This effect also make a soft and indirect lighting that will make your living more comfortable and enjoy life better.

In the center of circle, that is the most eye-catching place, no matter what is there, that will be noticed.

Galaxy Eclipse also has a smart option with totally controlling, just click the APP and it will bring some new changes to your life, even a little bit, it is worthful. 

For this Galaxy Eclipse, LIGHSURE also launch smart option. It will be another highlight to attract customers. Using smart phone can control all the dimmable to create the different atmosphere.