Galaxy Eclipse | LSGA618AP

Power: 20w

Input Voltage: 85-265Vac

Lumen: 1700lm

Dimension: Φ450mm

Materical: Iron

Color Temperature: 3000k/4000k/5000k/6000k

Color: White

Warranty: 5 years

Option: Normal/Dimming

Pendant Light

Like his name, Galaxy eclipse has a special lighting effect, which is similar to the eclipse of the sun. This effect also make a soft and indirect lighting that will make your living more comfortable and enjoy life better.

In the center of circle, that is the most eye-catching place, no matter what is there, that will be noticed.

Galaxy Eclipse also has a smart option with totally controlling, just click the APP and it will bring some new changes to your life, even a little bit, it is worthful.